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Imagine a utility bill that is reduced up to 70 percent each month!

Geothermal is the most cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly method of heating and cooling your home today. This space conditioning system can reduce your utility bills up to 70% now and for years to come.

Heat pumps move heat energy from one place to another. Your refrigerator works using the same scientific principle. By using the refrigeration process, geothermal heat pumps remove heat energy stored in the earth and/or the earth's groundwater and transfer it to the home.

The earth has the ability to absorb and store heat energy. To use that store energy, heat is extracted from the earth through a liquid medium and is pumped to the heat pump or heat exchanger. There the heat is used to heat your home.

We have been professionally installing residential & commercial geothermal systems since 2005.  Brian & Keven became International Ground Source Heat Pump Association certified in 2007 & have continued with their ongoing education to maintain their certificates.

Our employees also have completed ongoing training in the geothermal industry.  We have installed open, closed loop, horizontal, vertical bore and slinky systems. Throughout the years we have been trained to install Climate Master, Hydron Module, Water Furnace, Bosch & Trane units. We offer referrals from our satisfied customers. Please contact us for a geothermal consultation for your home or business to help you save on your energy costs.

As of 2015 - 95 Geothermal Units Installed